Veins under the eyes

Veins under the eyes

Do people tell you that your eyes look tired and aged? Veins under the eyes are a common problem that could compromise facial aesthetics.

Blue veins visible under the eyes, also called periorbital veins, are among the most difficult facial aesthetic problems to treat on your own.

Fortunately, a number of safe and effective clinical methods are available to help you get rid of those unwanted blue veins for good.

What Causes Veins Under Eyes?

As the skin under the eyes is so thin and delicate, it is a prime location for the development of blue veins, dark circles and bags under the eyes.

People with lighter skin are at higher risk of developing facial spider veins and visible enlarged blood vessels, genetics, prolonged exposure to the sun and aging are also determining factors.

Over time, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, making these veins even more prominent and difficult to treat, the following will help you determine which treatment option is best for your particular situation.

How can protruding periorbital veins be treated?

Laser treatments.

As one of the most popular vein removal options available today, laser treatments have a high success rate and take a convenient, non-invasive approach.

What’s great about laser treatments is that they also stimulate blood circulation in the eye area, which helps target dark circles and dull skin in addition to veins.

These treatments are carried out in sessions of 15 to 30 minutes, using specialized laser systems, most devices target the veins with pulses of light energy that cause blood to clot inside the vein.

The deconstructed blood vessels are then reabsorbed into the body.

When it comes to vein ablation techniques, lasers rank relatively well in terms of the potential risks involved, that being said, there is a risk of blood clotting, which can trigger serious eye complications.

As a result, many doctors use an internal eye shield to protect patients during treatment, a cooling gel is also applied to protect the delicate skin under the eyes and make the patient more comfortable.


In some cases, specialists recommend sclerotherapy to eliminate slightly blue veins under the eyes, this treatment requires injection of a solution, usually sodium tetradecyl sulfate, into the vein.

Doctors mix the solution with air to create a foamy texture, which gives better results than traditional sclerotherapy.

Small needles are then inserted into the visible vein and flushed with a saline solution containing an anticoagulant agent, this causes the veins to collapse and discolor, two to three sessions are necessary, depending on the size of the vein you want to disappear.

Generally, sclerotherapy in Turkey is performed under local anesthesia and requires virtually no downtime. Some patients report a slight tingling sensation similar to a vaccination or blood draw, but it’s usually painless. Another advantage of sclerotherapy is that it leaves minimal scarring.

Sclerotherapy is not the most popular option for patients who have larger, deeper veins, as surgery and laser treatments are best suited in these cases.

Under eye fillers.

It seems that facial fillers are the real miracle treatment for the skin, erasing wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles and even veins under the eyes.

Specialists often recommend injecting Restylane or Juvederm facial fillers to temporarily hide the veins under the eyes.

These solutions are designed to add volume to areas of the face, rather than eliminating veins, they simply conceal them by plumping the eye area and reducing dark circles, making veins less visible.

However, fillers require a good amount of upkeep and results from each treatment only last about a year.

Unlike other treatments, this non-invasive option is not effective in correcting or erasing large or deep veins. It is a good choice for patients who have small superficial veins in the skin of the lower eyelid.

That being said, there are a few major benefits to choosing facial fillers as your under eye vein treatment, not only do the injections help conceal facial veins, but they also lighten dark spots and dark circles under the eyes.

What is the best option for you?

Although this article discusses the treatment options available to remove blue lines under the eyes, it is important to speak to a specialist and find out which technique would best help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

All treatment carries some level of risk, but choosing a qualified and experienced cosmetic doctor will help minimize the potential risk.

The risks of this treatment are very rare and mild when they do occur.

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