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Hair transplant in Turkey: FUE, FUT and DHI which method to choose?

Hair transplant allows to regrow hair naturally by hair implants, during a transplant, the patient has to make an important decision which is which hair transplant procedure to choose: FUT / Strip or FUE.

In Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT/Strip), a thin, thin strip of tissue is taken from the donor area on the sides of the scalp. Individual follicular units are removed from this strip.

The edges of the wound are then closed, leaving a single, usually thin scar. In follicular unit extraction (FUE), the hair is harvested through small circular incisions over a considerably larger area of the donor area, leaving tiny, round, white scars.

FUE procedures have become increasingly popular with the development of new hand-held devices and especially since the introduction of the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation System, but FUT or “Strip” procedures still offer excellent results and are preferred by many doctors in some cases.

How much does a hair transplant in Turkey cost?

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Which method to choose for hair transplantation?

The Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip) method usually gives the best hair yield.

When the patient wants to have maximum hair restoration, he chooses this method because it harvests efficiently from a more selective area of the donor area.

What are the main advantages of the FUE method?

  • FUE does not leave a linear donor scar resulting in faster healing.
  • It allows a quick return to work and is recommended when the patient is going to keep his hair short.
  • It is indicated when the scalp does not allow the incision in strips.

Can FUE and FUT be combined?

Yes, indeed the Fut method is used first to maximize the yield but in later sessions the scalp may become too narrow to perform further FUT/strip procedures or the donor scar may become wider than expected.

In the first case, the doctor can switch to FUE for the following sessions, in the latter case, the surgeon can use FUE to harvest follicular units and then implant them into the enlarged scar, camouflaging it.

If FUE is performed first and the yield is less than the physician deems acceptable, the patient may consider switching to FUT either for the remainder of that procedure or for subsequent surgeries.

So FUE specialist or FUT specialist?

FUT and FUE are two excellent techniques, but they have different clinical indications.

To provide the best patient care, hair transplant physicians should have expertise in both procedures.


In both procedures, it is important to transplant high quality follicle grafts to achieve the maximum cosmetic result.

High quality hair transplants are those that are obtained from the most permanent part of the donor area, which are undamaged and contain a protective layer of tissue around the follicles.

The protective dermis reduces mechanical injury during insertion and drying when the grafts are outside the body.

FUT method.

The donor strip is first removed from the scalp and then, using stereoscopic microscopes, the follicular units are carefully isolated with their protective tissue intact.

This process generally results in high-quality grafts, especially when clinical assistants are extensively trained in stereo-microscopic dissection.

FUE method.

he surgeon extracts follicular units from the donor area one at a time, there is a risk here on the quality of the follicular units during the extraction because only the upper part of the follicle can be directly visualized, the direction of the hair follicles below the surface of the skin cannot be estimated.

As a result, follicular units are more likely to be damaged or stripped of their protective layer in FUE.

If the surgeon does not cut deep enough into the skin, the follicular unit may be extracted without the important lower part of the follicle and it may not survive hair transplant in Turkey. These factors can lead to substandard or damaged grafts, making them more fragile and prone to poor growth.

With robotic FUE hair transplant technology the quality of the grafts is better and more consistent compared to manual FUE techniques and thus the difference between FUT and FUE procedures is reduced.

What is the DHI hair transplant technique?

In the DHI hair transplant technique, there are some differences from other methods (FUE and FUT), the extracted follicle is implanted immediately after the extraction in the recipient area, so that the lack of nutrients is lacking in an even shorter period of time, resulting in a significantly higher growth rate.

The channel opening phase is performed directly during the transplant in order to transplant one hair transplant after the other step by step, this process takes much longer and for this reason it is only possible to transplant a limited number of follicular units.

DHI hair transplant without scar

The DHI method hair implant allows you to control as precisely as possible the direction of growth of the implanted hair, thus ensuring an absolutely natural result. In addition to the direction of hair growth, the DHI method makes it possible to make minimal openings and thus obtain the greatest possible density and an optimal result.

Additionally, the fine needles (the CHOI style) used with the DHI method reduce the risk of scarring and allow for faster wound healing, enabling immediate return to activity after a DHI hair transplant in Turkey.

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