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Nourished by a sense of duty (towards their fellow citizens, towards the homeland, towards the profession), our best plastic surgeons in Turkey have opted, after several years spent outside their borders for their studies and in the exercise of their passion, to return to Turkey to continue, in a country where the medical field is expanding and take advantage of the related administrative facilities, to offer quality care to as many people as possible.

Above all, therefore, these are international skills at the service of well-being. Our plastic surgeons are specialists, the best in their field by their training as well as by experience.

Our plastic surgeons in Turkey are perfectionists in the results to be provided, by the permanent renewal of their knowledge, and by the reaffirmed concern to always be in tune with the new techniques and practices developed in the field of cosmetic surgery.

The surgeons of our clinic are undoubtedly the best references for all those who want cosmetic surgery in Turkey.

Cosmetic surgery

He is a maxillofacial surgeon whose passion for the profession has earned him a humanitarian role, as a war surgeon in Libya. This act is undoubtedly the price of his attachment to Man, to life, and to well-being.

Registered with the National Order of Physicians for many years, Dr. has many years of experience behind him. He has been working for the Clinic since 2013, a framework in which he has found all the technical, material and human resources to carry out his interventions efficiently and effectively.

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