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Liposuction in Turkey : eliminate all unwanted fat

A liposuction in Turkey makes it possible to refine the silhouette by eliminating excess fat.

Liposuction is not surgery performed for the purpose of losing weight and it is advisable to lose weight through diet and exercise before surgery, so it would be vain to believe that liposuction can help you with a weight that you no longer control.

Excess fat does not always show us in our best light; we are not always at our advantage when the body is under the influence of excess fat.

This discomfort is however correctable by surgery, which acts through liposuction or liposuction, to extract in a radical and definitive way, the localized deep fats.

It does not act on cellulite (superficial fat) on the other hand; this fat extraction must in this case take into account the quality of the skin which determines the value of the result.

How much does a liposuction in Turkey costs?

Jouvence offer you the chance to have the most professional cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and operations at the most affordable and budget friendly prices.

We offer all our patients a unique all-inclusive package that covers costs such as:

  • The operation costs.
  • The cost of the medical tools.
  • The doctor’s payment.
  • The transportation.
  • The hotel room.
  • The postoperative care and medication.

How can we define liposuction?

We are talking about a flagship aesthetic surgery of the silhouette and practiced all over the world and more particularly in Turkey.

The principle of liposuction consists in getting rid of recalcitrant fat deposits on certain parts of the body (mentioned above) and resistant to drastic diets and sport.

Who is affected by this body contouring surgery?

It concerns adults who are in good health (no cardiovascular or respiratory problems, serious or malignant diseases, etc.) and who mainly have accumulated and localized fat.

Liposuction of fats allows you to lose weight?

No, for those who are overweight or who suffer from massive obesity, it is recommended to visit a nutritionist, to do more or less intense sports activities and to resort (as a last solution) to obesity surgery (gastric band , Gastric Sleeve or ByPass). As for liposuction, it offers patients the opportunity to have a perfectly trimmed and refined silhouette (aesthetic goal).

Can a facelift be combined with liposuction?

Yes, a lift of the arms, thighs, an abdominoplasty or even a bodylift can be associated with liposuction and this to perfect the results.

Indeed, it is preferable to start with liposuction and move on to a facelift to remedy the possible slackening of the skin, especially if it is of poor quality.

How to prepare for a liposuction procedure?

You will first have to meet with your doctor for a preoperative appointment, during which they will ask you for the results that you are aiming for so that the doctor can create a treatment plan that is special for you.

Some tests will be done and the necessary measurements will be taken, and the doctor will check you medical history to see if you are on any medication that needs to be canceled before the liposuction operation.

Preparing for a diet change is very essential to have the best results and keep them for a very long time, after all the fat that you have lost can come back so you will need to change you life style for a much healthier one.

You must also quit smoking and drinking for a period of time before the procedure.

What happens during the liposuction procedure?

It consists first of all in locating the places where fat accumulates and sucking it out, in a targeted and effective way.

It can be the stomach, thighs, calves, buttocks, hips, saddlebags, love wrists, etc. the surgeon then proceeds to the evaluation of the quality of the skin, to avoid at the end of the intervention, waves or folds on this one. The skin must keep its tone and elasticity to facilitate its retraction.

Liposuction is performed under general or local anesthesia, for specific areas. It lasts about 1h30mn.

The practitioner makes barely visible incisions (3 to 4 mm), through which he introduces cannulas, the end of which is made of foam and the tip is rounded, and not blunt.

These cannulas are connected to a closed circuit with negative pressure, the surgeon passes the cannulas through the fat deposits, in which he creates tiny incisions, thus facilitating the aspiration of the excess lipomeria or steatoma.

What are the postoperative effects of liposuction?

The first post-operative requirement of liposuction firstly concerns lifestyle and dietary measures.

Although it is difficult for fat to accumulate again in the treated areas, it is important to take care of your diet and your body.

Following liposuction or liposcultpure, a 24-hour hospitalization is necessary, however, you must keep your compression stockings on for about ten days, including 7 days necessary for rest. 21 days are required to resume sports activities.

It is possible to notice edema (swelling) or ecchymoses (bruises) following liposuction, or even to feel pain. These can be treated with painkillers.

What are the result of liposuction?

This is generally final, provided that you take care of your diet and your body.

But you have to wait after 6 months to see the skin regain its firmness on the liposuctioned areas.

Can the eliminated fats come back and colonize the body again?

No. The result of liposuction in Turkey is long-lasting and definitive because the fat cells eliminated cannot multiply again. However, you should never neglect your body and forget to practice regular sports activities and follow a healthy and balanced diet.

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