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Medical rhinoplasty in Turkey: correct the nose without surgery

Medical Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic procedure, little known by the general public.

Indeed, we noticed, during the first consultations that most of our patients were unaware of the possibility of reshaping the shape of the nose using a non-invasive aesthetic gesture. What amazes them the most is the fact of restoring the imperfections of the nose using injections of hyaluronic acid.

The question we are usually asked is how can a “liquid” substance change the shape of an unsightly nose?

Before clarifying this point, let’s assume that medical rhinoplasty in Turkey is not in all cases an alternative to nose surgery. Moreover, some specialists find that the term rhinoplasty, which designates this aesthetic intervention, does not adequately reflect the role of the appropriate treatment. We insist on clarifying this point to remove all ambiguities:

Medical rhinoplasty is mainly used to increase the volume of certain parts of the nose using the injection of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this technique, it is now possible to fill several defects of the nose without having to go under the knife. In addition, the risk of rejection does not arise since hyaluronic acid is biodegradable. That is to say that after its injection it decomposes to be quickly resorbed.

Similarly, allergy problems are not possible because the HA molecule is bio-identical. It is found in abundance in our body, particularly in the vitreous humor of the eye and in the joints.

How much does a medical rhinoplasty in Turkey cost?

Jouvence offers you the chance to have any cosmetic surgery that you want like the medical nose job in Turkey at the lowest and most affordable price possible.

We offer all our patients our very unique all-inclusive package that cover all the costs such as:

  • The cost of the operation.
  • The cost of the medical tools that will be used during or after the operation.
  • All operation related transportation such as from the airport to the hotel and from there to the clinic and back.
  • Your hotel room during your visit to Turkey at very luxurious establishment.
  • The payment of the doctor and the medical team.
  • The post-operative care and medication.

To have the price of medical rhinoplasty in Turkey, you must request a quote, our clinic offers you a free quote with all the information on medical rhinoplasty with an all-inclusive medical stay in Turkey. For prices in dinars, you must also request a quote.

The principle of medical rhinoplasty.

In response to the quoted question, here is how hyaluronic acid gel can reduce nose blemishes:

First of all, in order to be able to treat the imperfections of the nose using this method, it is necessary that certain parts of this nose lack volume.

The injected gel fills in these areas to change the appearance of the nose; let’s try to imagine to better understand the technique:

If the nose has a very apparent bump, the aesthetic gesture is to fill in the areas above and below the bump.

When the volume increases in each of the treated parts, the imperfection becomes invisible, this treatment is favored by the cosmetic surgeon when the root of the nose is very hollow.

Medical rhinoplasty also makes it possible to correct wide nostrils, to rectify a hollow or a curvature and even to raise the tip of the nose.

The solutions offered are varied and can meet the expectations of a large number of patients.

The irremediable imperfections.

However, some nose imperfections can only be corrected with the help of nose surgery, for example: to treat a very high bump, it is not possible to make an injection because, in this case, the nose will be raised upwards which will give an unsightly and unattractive appearance.

It is advisable to choose a good plastic surgeon to have an effective care.

Indeed, a well-experienced specialist will be able to tell you the solution that best suits the treatment of your case.

Medical rhinoplasty in Turkey does not require general anesthesia or hospitalization.

This treatment must be repeated once a year. Indeed, the shape of the nose changes with age and it is best to correct unsightly defects as you go.

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