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Lasik in Turkey

Lasik is a laser eye surgery procedure which consists of modifying the shape of the cornea in order to restore vision and allows patients, in the majority of cases, to permanently do without correction (glasses or contact lenses).

Several types of Lasik exist depending on the vision defect to be corrected, indeed, this operation can correct myopia, hypermetry, astigmatism or presbyopia.

Practiced in Turkey, the Lasik technique or Keratomileusis in situ is entirely robotized and computer-assisted and is therefore precise and effective. It requires the use of the Excimer laser and offers immediate results.

How much does LASIK surgery in Turkey cost?

The price of Lasik in Turkey depends on your vision defect and the type of intervention you need.

However, we at Jouvence aesthetic have made sure to offer all of our patients the best, cheapest and most affordable price in all of Turkey.

This is because we understand the importance of having a stress free experience when you undergo a medical or cosmetic procedure, which is why we have created a unique all-inclusive package for you.

With the all-inclusive package you will be able to have the LASIK surgery in Turkey and any cosmetic surgery at our clinic without worrying about any of the necessary costs.

The all-inclusive package covers:

  • The operation costs.
  • The cost of the medical tools that will be used during your procedure.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • Your hotel room during your stay in Turkey at a very luxurious establishment.
  • The doctor and medical team’s fees.
  • The postoperative cost, care and medication.

In order to know the price of the corrective eye surgery intervention that corresponds to your needs, in euros or in dinars, you just have to send a quote request.

How to prepare before the Lasik procedure?

It is necessary to carry out a preoperative assessment with your doctor so that your procedure can carry on without any potential risks or complications.

During the meeting with your doctor, you should ask them all questions that you have about the procedure to understand it more.

The doctor will run some tests such as:

  • Corneal topography.
  • A background.
  • Pachymetry to measure intraocular pressure.
  • OPD to study the optical properties of the visual system.

Make sure to inform your eye doctor of any and all medications that you are taking because some of them may cause complications during the procedure which means that you need to stop taking them before the operation.

Do not wear make up on the day of the operation and make sure to wash your face very well.

You should quit smoking for a period of time prior to the LASIK procedure.

Procedure of the Lasik procedure

The Lasik technique is performed under local anesthesia with anesthetic eye drops. It requires the use of the Excimer laser and involves 3 steps:

The creation of the corneal flap:

in order to access the corneal stroma, the surgeon creates a thin lamella of cornea. This step allows him to work directly on the cornea “in situ”.

Remodeling of the cornea using the Excimer laser:

the surgeon will reshape the cornea using the laser, by photoablation. Modifications will be made depending on the type of defect to be corrected.

The stromal flap is carefully put back in place. No suturing is necessary.

What happens after Lasik surgery?

The doctor will prescribe healing drops and antibiotics to manage any discomfort of battle against any risk of infection.

The patient may have a feeling of dust in the eye and feel tingling for the first few hours, very blurred vision for the first few hours is completely normal.

It is recommended to wear sunglasses for the first few days and you should void rubbing your eyes for the first two days.

The resumption of activities takes place the day after the intervention.

A feeling of dry eyes can persist for three or four months.

It is necessary to avoid any violent effort, for the duration of the healing of the lamella (approximately 4 weeks).

What are the results of LASIK surgery?

The next day, the visual recovery is 80%, the improvement in vision generally continues for three or four weeks and stabilizes after the third month.

In the majority of cases, the patient will no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

A touch-up is possible in case of unsatisfactory results.

Are the results of the operation lasting over time?

Yes, the result after the operation is long-lasting and above all stable.

That said, one of the requirements to perform the Lasik operation in Turkey is that your visual defect is stabilized.

If this is not the case, the intervention will not be able to solve your problem definitively.

You have the choice between postponing the optical correction for later and carrying out a second intervention when your visual defect will no longer evolve.

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