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Blepharoplasty in Turkey

Blepharoplasty is used to correct droopy eyelids, dark circles and bags under the eyes; this aesthetic eye surgery is perfectly performed at the Jouvence aesthetic clinic thanks to an experienced medical-surgical team.

In Turkey, and following the rules of the code of ethics, blepharoplasty can be performed on the lower or upper eyelids, and in particular both at the same time.

Eyelid surgery is nowadays in high demand whether by women or men.

The reasons for this solicitation are multiple: affordable price, advantageous geographical location, solid infrastructures associated with the incredible skills of the surgeons.

What is The price of blepharoplasty in Turkey?

The price of cosmetic eyelid surgery in Turkey is significantly cheaper than in France or Brazil, especially when performed at one of the most renowned hospitals.

The proposed price includes the all-inclusive aesthetic stay in Turkey (transport, hotel accommodation, pre-surgical consultations, medical check-ups and diagnoses, operating theater and room costs, medical staff fees, etc.).

Contact us by phone or by filling out the online quote form for more information on the price of a medical stay in Turkey.

What are the different types of blepharoplasty?

Generally, whether in Turkey or elsewhere, there are two types of intervention that correct the eyelids:

Upper eyelid surgery

Droopy eyelids are manifested by a sagging of the upper eyelid, characterized by an accumulation of fat and skin in the mobile hollow.

So, to fix it, it is necessary to do an upper blepharoplasty, the incisions in this case are made at the level of the fold of the eyelid.

Lower eyelid surgery

Lower blepharoplasty aims to eliminate dark circles marked by wrinkling under the eyes, thanks to a laser scalpel, the surgeon will erase the pockets of fat.

For this, he will resort to a scar in the eyelid, then, using the mini-lifting technique, he will remove the excess skin.

A lower blepharoplasty can play the role of a temporal lift to raise the eyebrows.

What is blepharoplasty in Turkey?

It is a facial surgery performed under local or general anesthesia, so, before entering the operating room, it is mandatory to do one or two medical consultations in order to define the areas to be treated around the eyes.

The duration of this surgery depends on the number of eyelids to be corrected, but it is often 45 minutes.

For hospitalization, it is between 24 and 48 hours.

The main surgical gestures of the plastic surgeon are:

For upper eyelids.

Tracing by marker of the area to be modified and incised

Resection of excess skin

Extraction of fatty pockets or bulges at the level of small breaches of the muscle and the orbicular septum

Suture of incisions with absorbable sutures

Application of a pressure dressing to protect the eyes against external factors

For lower eyelids.

Trans-conjunctival incision and another one below the eyelashes

Removal of excess skin after skin peeling.

Removal of pockets of fat following an orbital septum incision

Suture also performed with absorbable sutures

Placement of a compression dressing

Depending on the patient’s state of health, the dressings will be removed after 2 days of the operation, once out of the clinic, he will have to follow some medical and hygienic instructions to guarantee a speedy recovery.

The upper eyelids are the only ones affected by blepharoplasty?

No, pockets of fat under the eyes and dark circles under the lower eyelids can also be corrected by plastic and aesthetic eyelid surgery.

Both procedures (upper and lower eyelids) can be performed simultaneously.

Who are the best candidates for an eye surgery?

It is obvious that this plastic surgery aims to beautify the exhausted and weighed down look. Therefore, it is intended for people with sagging skin around their eyes, or who want to prevent this sagging. Dark and hollow wrinkles are also eliminated by lower blepharoplasty.

Does this operation leave scars?

Like any surgery, eyelid plastic surgery requires the application of certain incisions to get rid of excess skin. However, the incisions made are very fine and camouflaged, either by the natural folds of the eyes, or flush with the eyelash. The scars dissipate quickly, and the sutures used are resorbable.

Can a face lift be performed blepharoplasty?

Yes, in order to ensure a general beautification of the face, the eyelid surgery could be accompanied by a cervico-facial lift, a temporal lift, a forehead lift, etc. In addition, non-invasive aesthetic medicine treatments can also be performed to perfect the results obtained (injection of fillers, peeling, etc.).

What to do after eye plastic surgery?

To reduce the swelling of the eyelids after the operation, the surgeon at the clinic will prescribe some painkillers or analgesics.

Wearing sunglasses is necessary to protect against U.V rays for 2 weeks.

Contact lenses should be avoided for 3 weeks while the bruises and redness of the eyes disappear.

Socio-professional activities that increase blood pressure should also be avoided.

Some complications after blepharoplasty

After blepharoplasty, rare complications can be reported, such as:

• Hematomas.
• Infections.
• Epidermal cysts.
• Lagophthalmos (when it is difficult to close the eyelids).
• Eye swelling.
• Keratitis.

But these complications, without neglecting them, can in no way call into question the interest, the necessity and the importance of a blepharoplasty Turkey on the rejuvenation of the eyelids performed in a specialized clinic and by competent surgeons.

How to evaluate the durability of the result?

Blepharoplasty in Turkey is an operation offering extraordinary and above all long-lasting results.

However, it does not stop the natural aging process. Therefore, the sagging skin of the eyes may reappear after 10 years of the operation and a second could be considered, in this case.

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