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Buttock augmentation in Turkey: buttock implant and lipofilling.

Buttock augmentation in Turkey is used to improve the balance of your figure by increasing the size and shape of the buttocks.

This buttock surgery is generally performed by two methods, by buttock implants or by fat injection (gluteal lipofilling).

How much does a buttock augmentation Turkey costs?

Are you looking for the price of buttock implant or buttock lipofilling? Our clinic offers you the best buttock augmentation price in Turkey.

We use quality buttock implants for our patients (men and women).

Our rates include all costs for buttock augmentation surgery by injection or implant with an all-inclusive medical stay at a luxury hotel. Our clinic offers you a free and personalized estimate for your surgical operation with all the necessary information.

The all-inclusive package covers all necessary costs such as:

  • The operation costs.
  • The price of the medical tools that will be used during the operation.
  • Your hotel room.
  • The transportation.
  • The doctor and medical team’s payment.
  • The postoperative medication.

How to prepare for a buttock augmentation procedure?

To make sure that you have the best experience and the safest procedure, you will first have to make some preoperative preparations with your doctor.

You will need to meet you the surgeon prior to the surgery so that they can know your goals and your wanted results from the operation.

The doctor will take the necessary measurements and make a 3D model using the computer so that you can see what the results will look like, based on the 3D model you may be able to change some measurements based on what you prefer.

The doctor will also run some tests to see if you have any medical problems that can prevent you from having the buttocks augmentation surgery.

Make sure that you prepare some time off work so that you can rest and heal properly, and have someone ready to help you around the house during the first days of the postoperative period.

Quitting cigarettes and drinking is essential before the surgery as they can cause many problems during the operation.

How is a buttock augmentation performed?

It is up to you to choose between the two methods available to you, it is possible to opt for buttock implants or for buttock lipofilling, that is to say, the injection of your own fat into your buttocks to readjust their volume.

But whether your buttocks are naturally flat, since puberty, or whether they have become so following weight loss or aging, they can be shaped thanks to cosmetic surgery of the buttocks.

What happens during the buttock implant procedure.

A buttock augmentation by implants or prostheses is performed under general anesthesia and takes about 1 hour 30 minutes.

After checking the appearance of the patient, the choice of size, shape (round, oval, biconvex, etc.), volume and surface of the implant.

This buttock implant is made from silicone, filled with cohesive gel, these implants are naturally resistant and solid for silhouette surgery.

Then, an incision is made between the buttocks, at the level of the coccyx, which makes it possible to design the subcutaneous pocket, in order to introduce the implants there. After having closed them, the hospitalization can last one night. Painkillers are prescribed.

What are the result of the buttocks implants?

The scar normally disappears after 2 months, along with the postoperative edema, from the 3rd month, the new natural curve of the buttocks can be drawn.

If complications such as: a hematoma, an infection, etc. are possible, it is advisable to consult a good surgeon, but compliance with post-operative instructions also determines the quality of the result of buttock surgery.

That said, the practice of sport is recommended after 3 months, and especially avoided lying on your back, 1 month after buttock augmentation with a buttock implant.

Bursa gluteal lipofilling: buttock augmentation by fat injection

Buttock augmentation by fat injection in Bursa is a more natural and less restrictive method, even if the result in terms of volume is not the same as with the buttock implant method.

It simply involves extracting fat from the patient, filtering it, and then injecting it back into the buttocks, the buttock fat injection procedure is performed under local anesthesia, and the patient can resume her activities after 3 days.

But the injection method can also be done using hyaluronic acid (Macrolane).

Unfortunately, not all women are lucky enough to have a round buttock, some give the impression of having arrived late at the charity gala of the buttocks, so much they have them flat, which makes them more complex.

Others, on the other hand, cannot dress as they wish because of their flaccid buttocks, it’s even harder when you’ve experienced these round buttocks, and aging, like a hurricane, sweeps behind, which was the charm of yesterday.

Everything comes at the right time to whoever engages in buttock surgery, and it is “With class”, that at the Clinic, the buttock augmentation is done.

What are he risks of a buttock augmentation surgery?

Risks and potential complications are a part of every medical or cosmetic surgery in the world, however the skill of the doctor and the advanced medical tools at Jouvence aesthetic makes the chances of these potential risks very small.

Some of the risks of a buttock augmentation surgery are:

• Uneven implants.
• Nerve damage.
• Difficulty in movement.
• Bruising.
• Mild pain.
• Implants changing position.

The doctor at Jouvence will explain these risks in much more details and will instruct you on how to best avoid them.

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