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Thigh Lift in Turkey

Also called ceroplasty, a thigh lift in Turkey is used to eliminate excess skin and fat located on the inner side of the thigh.

A thigh lift will therefore consist first of a liposculpture of the thigh, that is to say, to suck the localized fat, to perform a resection of the excess skin, and finally to fix the rest of the skin while by stretching it as well as possible, on the thigh, this has the effect of rejuvenating and firming the thighs.

The thinness of the skin on the inside of the thigh makes it easier to distend it, either because of the many movements performed, or because of age or a significant change in weight.

It is therefore possible to observe in some, a significant relaxation of the skin which is not always appreciated.

How much does a thigh lift in Turkey costs?

Turkey is one of the most famous destinations for people that want to have any cosmetic or aesthetic surgery, this is because the country has a large number of the best cosmetic clinics in the whole world.

Jouvence is proud to be one of the top medical facilities in all of Turkey, thanks to our very skilled medical team and our very affordable prices.

We made sure to offer all our patients the most budget friendly prices using our unique all-inclusive package.

This all-inclusive deal covers all the costs of the operation such as:

  • The hotel room during your stay in Turkey.
  • The operation costs.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • The doctor’s payment.
  • The postoperative care and medication.

How to prepare for a thigh lift?

The success of any cosmetic or medical treatment depends mostly on the preparations that you did by yourself and with you doctor prior to the procedure it self.

You will have to visit your doctor for a preoperative appointment so that they can determine your goals and make a treatment plan based on your desires and condition.

The doctor will also check your medical history to make sure that you have no medical issues that can interrupt the operation and see if you are taking any medication that needs to be canceled.

The doctor will take the necessary measurements and with them they will create a 3D model to show you how the results will look like.

You will need to quit smoking and drinking for a period of time before the operation so that you blood flow during the operation is natural and doesn’t pose any danger to your life.

What is the purpose of having a thigh lift

The objective of a ceroplasty will therefore be to remove this unsightly skin tissue, at the same time as to extract the fat which generally accumulates in this place, by liposuction.

This is to refine the leg, make it firmer, and thus transform the general appearance of the silhouette by thigh lift surgery in Turkey with a cheap price.

And this intervention will last an average of 1h30, and is performed under general or deep local anesthesia.

What are the factors of slackening of the crural skin?

Physiological changes (pregnancy and lactation), rapid and significant weight loss, aging, etc.

What is the age limit for undergoing a femoral facelift?

The recommended minimum age is 18 years old, but the patient must first be in good health (the patient’s condition must be checked during preoperative consultations).

What are the different thigh surgery techniques?

If it is possible to remember that the thigh lift is a two-step act: liposuction of fat and resection of excess skin, it must nevertheless be said that 2 techniques are usual to lose the inner thighs:

The concentric lift.

This technique is done with two incisions on both sides of the pubis, up to the perineum, to dissect the excess skin and bring the remaining tissue concentrically towards the incision. This type of facelift is especially preferred for those who have excess skin on the upper thigh.

The vertical facelift

In addition to the scar of the concentric facelift, makes another along the thigh, this type of facelift can act on the entire thigh.

It effectively treats excess skin. But the problem remains the scar.

What are the post-operative results of a thigh lift?

You will have to stay for 24 hours in the recovery room at the clinic so that you can rest and also so that the medical team can check your condition.

After the procedure of a thigh lift it’s very normal to feel slight bruising, edema and swelling during the first period of your healing, they may take 3 weeks to fully disappear but they will gradually stop being a discomfort, the doctor will also prescribe painkillers for you.

You will have to wear compression stockings and will have to go back to the doctor after a week, so you can remove them.

The final results of the thigh lift surgery will start to appear after 6 months and after one year you will be able to see the full results.

Make sure to always rest when ever you can and stay away from any physically demanding activities like lifting heavy weights or Sports for the first month after the procedure.

After a thigh lift, are my scars visible?

No, if your operation was performed by a competent and experienced plastic surgeon, your scars will disappear permanently after one year postoperatively. In addition, they are discreet and concealed on the inner side of the thighs.

How long does the result last?

The result of a thigh lift is lasting and definitive because it acts on the skin tissue, however, the intervention does not stop the natural aging process.

What are the risks of a thigh lift?

The risks are a factor in any medical or cosmetic operation, and the thigh lift procedure is no different.

The doctor’s at Jouvence will make sure that your operation goes smoothly and without any complications, but here are some potential risks that you need to keep into consideration:

  • Swelling and bruising.
  • Difficulty of movement.
  • Nerve damage.
  • Minor skin problems.
  • Pain.
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