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Nose job in Turkey

Rhinoplasty or a nose job consists of correcting and modifying the size and position of the nose.

Nose surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, complications are rare and usually minor, the scars are always hidden inside the nostrils except for the open technique which involves a small incision on the columella.

It is possible to speak in some people of a “nose” complex, so much do they suffer psychologically from what they consider a defect, because in reality there is no such thing as a perfect, ideal nose, although the concave nose is sometimes considered as such, because it is a little hollow in the middle and the tip also projects forward.

While an eagle’s beak nose, with a bump and a plunging tip, will be frowned upon.

How much does a nose job in Turkey costs?

Our aesthetic clinic offers all our patients the best prices in for having a nose job in Turkey.

These prices are much cheaper than in Europe, while ensuring a quality of services equal to the best European hospitals.

This is done with our all-inclusive package that covers:

  • The cost of the operation.
  • The cost of the tools used after the operation.
  • The doctor’s fees.
  • The transportation.
  • The hotel room during your time in Turkey.
  • The post-operative care and medication.

What is the purpose of a nose job operation?

After all, the discomfort of a nose is first and foremost that of its owner, it is therefore he who decides to exchange his nose by surgery, to modify its shape and contour.

Most of the time, requests for rhinoplasty are directed to the wish to:

  • Remove a bump.
  • Modify the tip of the nose (refine it, raise it or lower it).
  • Narrow or straighten the nose.
  • Modify Projection.

But beyond this aesthetic dimension, nose surgery can have a functional purpose, for example, it will improve the respiratory function of the nose.

Our clinic offers you the cheap price for rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey.

How can we define a nose job?

Aesthetic and plastic surgery of the nose is a surgical procedure of the face which aims to modify the shape of the nose in order to make it more refined and harmonious.

Who are the best candidates for a nose job?

It concerns all people over the age of 17 (after the total growth of bone tissue and cartilage) who intend to change the shape and/or volume of their noses.

The aim of nose surgery is exclusively aesthetic?

No, before being a cosmetic surgery operation, the nasal surgery is a reconstructive surgery intervention which consists in restoring the nasal shape after a trauma or in repairing certain functional or respiratory problems (deviation of the nasal septum for example).

This operation is also called corrective rhinoplasty which does not have the same objectives of cosmetic nose surgery.

What is a secondary nose job?

It is also a restorative nasal surgery but which aims to correct the imperfections resulting from a “failed” surgery, called primary rhinoplasty.

Is the nose job operation painful?

No, the surgery of the nose is not painful. The patient may feel a slight pain which dissipates quickly, and which can be relieved by taking conventional analgesics.

How is a nose job done?

A surgical intervention to correct the nose must be done at the end of growth, that is to say from the age of 17.

Nose surgery in Turkey is performed under general anesthesia, and may require overnight hospitalization at our clinic.

The incisions are made according to the defect to be corrected. Thus, they can be inside or outside the nose.

There are different techniques for rhinoplasty, in reduction procedures, an osteotomy will be important to reduce the nose.

While the doctor will suture the cartilage of a nose that is too wide to reshape the tip, while for an increase, he will resort either to a cartilage graft taken from the ear or the ribs of the thorax. Our clinic offers you several photos before and after the nose operation.

What happens after a nose job?

After a nose operation in Turkey, the locks are removed the next day, the plaster or the nasal splint 10 days later as well as the sutures.

During this time, there may be bruising or swelling, the nose is presentable the following 2 weeks.

It is strongly recommended to stop all sporting activities and especially tobacco, to ensure healing, the result of nose surgery is generally satisfactory.

Are the scars left by a nose job surgery visible?

As already described above, the scars are not visible and are either hidden inside the nostrils or camouflaged around their edges.

If the changes are too great (case of an ethnic rhinoplasty), a tiny incision could be made at the level of the columella. Thus, the scars disappear quickly, and the threads do not have to be removed because they are absorbable.

When can i obtain a final result of my nose job?

After one month postoperatively, the patient can appear in public but the final result is only visible after 6 months.

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