Breast reduction : which cup size to choose ?

Breast reduction : which cup size to choose ?

Women who choose to undergo breast reduction are generally extremely satisfied with the results, most patients feel much more comfortable, adapt better to their clothes and can exercise much more easily.

For all of these reasons, the patient often sees dramatic gains in self-esteem, fitness, health, and appearance, however, when the time comes to choose a breast size, they stammer a little, not knowing which one to choose.

This is why a question remains unanswered, what cup size to choose when you want to resort to reduction mammoplasty? The purpose of this article is to answer this question.

Who are the best candidates for a breast reduction?

Breast reduction concerns all girls, it can be performed from the age of 18 when growth and puberty are complete, it can nevertheless be carried out at 16 years old when this breast problem is associated with severe lower back and back pain. Also, the volume of the breasts and the weight of the young girl should be stable for at least a year.

There are many cases that may require breast reduction, including:

  • Breast ptosis.
  • Breast asymmetry that makes wearing a bra uncomfortable.
  • Lower back and back pain due to the excess mass of the breasts on the rest of the body.

How to choose your cup size during a breast reduction?

The choice of the cup size is very important, it is even at the center of this intervention, for complete success in this process, you will have to completely trust your surgeon because they are your best ally and will be along side of you throughout the whole process.

To begin with, you will have a first consultation with your surgeon, and during this, they will support you in making a good decision because when complexes have taken place in our mind for too long, we end up forgetting the correct perception of our body to accept the erroneous perceptions of the reality of our body, so the surgeon is there to show us the reality.

Regarding the cups, the surgeon has good guidelines and specific criteria to offer you adequate sizes.

But be careful, do not extrapolate in the reduction because this can lead to a risk of imbalance of the silhouette, thus, it is therefore important to trust your surgeon and listen to his advice.

The doctor will be able to present simulations to you so that you can be determined and make a better decision because the aim of this intervention is also to allow the patient to reconcile with her body.

Indeed, to choose a cup size, several elements must be taken into account such as:

  • The height of the patient.
  • The weight.
  • The initial volume of her breasts.

Depending on your expectations and your case, the surgeon will make some suggestions and will also take your wishes into account because your opinion counts.

However, even if not all cases are the same, surgeons often offer two sizes, that is to say, it can be going from a cup F to D or from E to C for example.

In summary, the choice of cup size is not trivial, and the expected result will depend on the dialogue you have with your surgeon.

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