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Laser liposuction in Turkey: gentle liposuction

Laser liposuction is used to treat excess fat located in different parts of the body, the laser is now used in several areas of cosmetic surgery.

Laser liposuction has appeared recently, and this is the reason why it is not very widespread yet, it destroys fat by a thermal effect. The skin also retracts by this method.

It is the best way to eliminate curves without pain, without needles, and without surgery, this process does not alter the structure of the skin, blood vessels or peripheral nerves, so it has no side effects.

How much does a laser liposuction in Turkey costs?

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Definition of laser lipolysis.

Lipolysis is based on an innovative principle: the bursting of adipocytes by heat treatment under the control of the surgeon. A satisfactory and lasting result is generally obtained in a single session.

Laser liposuction has several benefits because it treats cellulite while respecting the tissues, after the treatment you will have a tightened skin and a remodeled silhouette.

What are the body areas treated with laser liposuction?

Laser liposuction in Turkey is very useful for treating small, very localized areas.

Certain areas where skin retraction does not respond well to liposuction are indicated for laser lipolysis such as the inner thighs, arms, back, neck and face.

It can also be used on larger areas, but combined with gentle liposuction.

What are the techniques of laser lipolysis?

One of the greatest advances in liposuction and in terms of body remodeling is certainly that of laser lipolysis.

This technique is performed under local anesthesia in a single session and is relatively non-invasive.

The Laser beam only targets fat cells, the tissues next to it are not affected.

The laser also helps to promote the production of collagen, resulting in softer and more even skin.

No vague effect with this technique.

In addition, the laser makes it possible to reach a larger area, even hard-to-reach places, the patient feels no pain and recovers quickly because the consequences are minimal.

Only a tingling or pulling sensation is sometimes observed for the next 2 days.

The duration of treatment depends on the amount of fat and the number of locations to be treated (30 minutes to 2 hours). The fat is then aspirated to accelerate its removal by suction. Wearing a light restraint is recommended for the next 15 days.

Lipolysis can be combined with liposuction to improve the skin result.

Advantages and disadvantages of this method.

Gentle liposuction has several advantages:

Advantages :

The price of laser liposuction (soft liposuction) is cheaper than that of liposuction. But laser lipolysis is the most expensive lipolysis. It only requires local anesthesia and bruising and bleeding are minimal. The patient can resume her activities the same day.

The inconveniences :

A method that is only practiced on localized and reduced areas where the results are less convincing and take longer to see.

What are the result of laser lipolysis in Turkey?

Do not expect to see results before 1 month.

Belly laser lipolysis does not replace liposuction but it is an alternative for the treatment of small volumes or localized areas where liposuction is sometimes contraindicated.

The skin will take 3 to 6 months to retract completely on the new curves and readapt to the new silhouette.

The results will therefore be final within 6 months after the intervention.

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