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Dental implant in Turkey: cheap dental implantology

The placement of a dental implant is an act of cosmetic and corrective dental surgery, this involves inserting an artificial titanium or zirconia root at the level of the jawbone, under the gumline in order to replace one (or more) missing tooth(s) and a crown that is introduced on the implanted artificial root.

How much does dental implants in Turkey cost?

Dental procedures are usually a bit expensive in most countries and clinics, which is why many people choose not to undergo them even if they need them.

This can lead many people to suffer worst outcomes just because the price is too high, but Jouvence aesthetic clinic is here today to get rid of that.

We made sure to offer all our patients the best and most affordable prices when it comes to dental implants in Turkey.

This is because we offer our unique all-inclusive package that allows you to have any cosmetic procedure at our clinic while having all the necessary costs covered such as:

  • The cost of the operation.
  • The cost of the medical tools that will be used during or after the procedure.
  • Your luxurious hotel room during your stay in Turkey.
  • The doctor’s payment.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • The postoperative care and medication.

Why choose a dental implant in Turkey?

Teething is an essential aspect of the face, so, damaged or missing teeth only alter this aspect, in this context, resorting to dental surgery in Turkey and more specifically dental implantology, allows you to correct your teeth and beautify it, which will reflect on your personality and your self-esteem.

In addition, nothing beats a stunning smile with harmonious and perfectly aligned teeth.

What to do before dental implant placement?

Before resorting to the intervention, the dental surgeon requires the patient to undergo a drastic assessment of the oral condition in order to carry out a personalized treatment and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The consultation covers the general health of the patient, his medical and medication history, the existence or not of allergies, etc. In addition, it is necessary to take x-rays of the mouth, jaws and head.

How is a dental implant placed?

Carried out by the dental surgeon or the denturist, the installation is carried out at the clinic or in the dental practice under local anesthesia.

Depending on the X-rays taken by the patient, the dentist incises the gum at the level of the missing tooth or tooth to be replaced to reach the jaw bone and anchors the artificial root or implant there.

In some cases, the practitioner can perform a gum (gingival) or jaw graft to restore the balance of the mouth and automatically of the face.

Otherwise, it is preferable to insert the crown or the prosthesis put on the implant after a certain period, the time of the adaptation of the implant with the gum, but to ensure the comfort of the patient, a temporary prosthesis can be set up.

After about 6 months from the insertion of the root or the implant, the dentist proceeds to prepare the prosthesis according to the patient’s condition: crown or bridge or total dental prosthesis.

Post-operative dental implants.

After dental implantology, the patient may have swelling and bleeding in the gums, but this is temporary and painless.

In order not to feel pain or alter the anchoring of the implant, it is best to start with mixed or crushed meals that are not too sweet and avoid drinking drinks that are too hot or too cold.

You will have to stay away from certain types of food in order for you to maintain your dental implants for a long time.

Your doctor will tell you that you should stay away from acidic foods and foods that can stain your teeth, and stay far away from any solid foods that can chip your teeth.

You will need to stay away from biting into hard objects and if you have a habit of grinding your teeth then you should work on removing it.

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol should be stopped before and after the operation since they are the worst thing for teeth and dental implants.

How to maintain a dental implant?

The lifespan of a dental implant in Turkey is about 30 years and can, for some people, remain for life!

But for the implant to keep its initial shape and for the crown to keep its color, the patient must adopt some new oral hygiene habits:

  • Electric brush or soft toothbrush
  • floss dental floss
  • Special toothpaste for implants and crowns.

What is the expected result after installing th dental implants?

To have the long-awaited harmonious smile, you have to wait 6 months as we have already mentioned, but directly after the placement of the implant in Turkey, the provisional prosthesis will do the trick while waiting for the placement of the crown.

If you follow good oral hygiene, your dental implants can stay for life.

Indeed, the installation of an artificial root can transform the life of the patient and improve it since you will be more confident and does not hesitate to laugh out loud.

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