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Laser tattoo removal in Turkey

Laser tattoo removal allows laser tattoos to be removed at an inexpensive price; it has been almost ten years since the introduction of the Q-switch laser for tattoo treatments.

However, perplexity and doubts persist among the general public.

These doubts are sometimes justified by negative experiences, but above all by a lack of information.

Here are the answers to the ten most recurring questions when it comes to laser tattoo removal.

How much does a tattoo removing session in Turkey cost?

Removing a tattoo is sometimes highly important to many people because of social or professional reasons, yet sometimes many can not do it because of the high prices that many doctors and clinics ask for.

We at Jouvence have decided not to let the price be the barrier to hold you from having your goals; we have made sure to offer you the lowest and most affordable prices for any cosmetic surgery such as the tattoo removal treatment in Turkey.

We have created a unique all-inclusive package that allows you to have the tattoo removal treatment in Turkey while having all the necessary costs covered such as:

  • The cost of the procedure and the tools that will be used during or after the treatment.
  • Your hotel room during your visit to Turkey at a very luxurious hotel.
  • The doctor’s payment.
  • All operation related transportation.
  • The postoperative care and medication.

To get laser tattoo removal prices in Turkey, you need to request a quote, our clinic offers you a free quote with all the information on laser tattoo removal with an all-inclusive medical stay in Turkey.

Does laser tattoo removal leave scars?

Most often people holding this statement are unaware of the existence of several types of laser, this typology of lasers is made according to their wavelengths and their pulse modes.

A type of laser other than the Q-switch, such as CO2 which is not designed for the treatment of ink pigments but rather for vaporizing layers of the skin, can leave keloids or atrophic scars. All this can be avoided with proper use of the appropriate laser and by applying an antibiotic cream and dressing to the treated area.

After four sessions, do i still do not see results?

It very rarely happens that ink pigments persist during laser tattoo removal in Istanbul or another city (Bursa, Izmir, Ankara or Antalya).

This phenomenon is observed especially on colors other than black; in this case there is no point in continuing the treatment. As opposed to tattoos which react very well the first sessions then become persistent.

This is completely natural as long as the ink continues to react, the results may not be obvious or of major importance, the objective is to observe a lightening, even minimal, from one session to the next.

Does laser treatment of tattoos leave a shadow?

Among the disadvantages of this technique, which guarantees the absence of scars, is the fact of leaving a shadow or a halo of the old tattoo.

Technically this means that the color pigments are very deep or of irregular density which makes their decomposition by the laser impossible, it has been observed that these halos tend to fade over time.

Does laser tattoo removal leave white spots?

White spots (permanent) are hypopigmentation resulting from the use of the wrong type of laser.

In Turkey, a 1064 wavelength laser is used, which has no influence on melanin synthesis.

Are there are colors that cannot be removed with a laser?

White and yellow are the only so-called intractable colors. In truth, yellow contains pigments that react to a 532 wavelength laser, the same one used on red tattoos.

However, green and blue require very specific wavelengths which very few machines have.

Is laser treatment is extremely painful?

Patients tolerate the pain caused by the laser very well and very rarely require anesthesia for laser tattoo removal, air cooling plays a very large role in this reaction.

On the most delicate subjects, or the most sensitive areas, an anesthetic cream can be used.

Is the laser tattoo removal procedure long?

Current protocols recommend carrying out sessions forty or sixty days apart, this makes the laser tattoo removal procedure in Turkey long.

This duration can be even longer considering the time it takes for the body’s cells to eliminate broken down pigments. This time is estimated at four or five months.

Is laser treatment is very expensive in Turkey?

When considering the Q-switch technology, an average price of one hundred euros per session cannot be considered high.

The impossibility of making a prognosis in relation to the number of sessions makes it impossible to estimate the total cost of treatment.

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