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Cheap medical stay in Turkey

This is how your stay in Turkey can be summed up, on the occasion of your medical trip. Our Clinic does everything to offer its many patients around the world more than physical care.

Their first satisfaction is first of all the post-operative result of our interventions. A healthy body makes for a healthy and happy mind. Our goal is therefore to provide each patient with happiness by truly meeting their expectations, in an appropriate, healthy and comfortable medical setting.

But should we forget the friendliness of the reception, the availability of each of our staff to our patients? They are all dumbfounded. From their arrival at the airport, until they are accompanied there for their return.

Meet the past.

This patient reception and support service does more than watch over you in your hospital rooms, it introduces you to Turkey, a country where it is impossible to stay without falling under the spell of its exoticism, his history.

Turkey is the memory of Europe that you can discover thanks to our guides.

Contact us.

We remain available for you on these days and at these times.

Monday – Friday 08:00 – 18:00

Saturday 08:00 – 15:00

The guide to your trip to Turkey.


A reception service is available at the Clinic. This person is in charge of driving you from the airport to the Clinic, and of accompanying you there once the procedure is over.


Your transfer from the airport to the clinic, from the clinic to the hotel, is provided by us. A vehicle is at your disposal to accompany you during your stay.

Consultation & Procedure:

Your consultation is done in complete confidentiality. We place special emphasis on this step, because the result you want depends on it.

Post-operative care:

We continue your care to your hotel, also once you have left Turkey. We remain at your entire disposal until the final result of your intervention.

Medical stay in Turkey at the hotel:

The Clinic offers you Comfort and hospitality, both within its structure and at the hotel which will subsequently welcome you. We only reserve the best for you.

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