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Genioplasty in Turkey

Genioplasty Turkey consists of an operation of caesura, section or osteotomy of the chin, and its repositioning, with the aim of recreating the harmony of the face both from the front and from the side.

The chin gives the face its shape and expression, and yet, some faces lack harmony, so much does the chin seem offset, completely behind which is a condition called retrogeny or too far forward from the vertical line that goes from the forehead through the nose to end at the horizontal base of the chin.

This shift too far back (microgenia) or too far forward (macrogenia), presents an imbalance of the profile, which attempts to correct genioplasty in Turkey.

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Genioplasty and facial harmony.

Indeed, genioplasty in Turkey is a surgical procedure whose purpose is to reform the chin, this is why it is also called mentoplasty.

This chin correction exercise can have a purely aesthetic or functional purpose (injury to the lower gum and the loosening of the teeth that it can cause).

Whatever its use, the goal of a genioplasty is to bring harmony to the face through surgery, a balance of the profile. This is why this intervention can be associated with rhinoplasty (nose).

Genioplasty procedure.

Practiced from the age of 18, genioplasty is an intervention without almost any scar, since it is hidden in the mouth.

If it first aims to advance or recede the chin, a genioplasty can also be used to increase or decrease the height of the lower face.

It is a Turkish cosmetic surgery procedure which is carried out under general anesthesia, and which lasts on average 1 hour. The choice of one technique or another is essentially conditioned by the particularity of the anatomical structure of each patient. A genioplasty may use liposuction to eliminate the double chin.

Nevertheless, we will remember that for a receding chin, that is to say in a backward position, the surgeon can opt for:

  • Silicone prosthetic implant
  • Mandible advancement osteotomy
  • Graft made from the bone of the hump of the nose, skull and pelvis.

For a protruding chin, the surgeon may plane or grind down the jawbone and perform a setback osteotomy. In this case, he files the edge of the lower mandible; then he cuts the excess bone and fixes the new chin with the screws.

Surgical follow-up of a genioplasty.

Swelling and bruising may mark the aftermath of a genioplasty, however, they disappear after 20 days. It is strongly advised to take only liquid foods, and especially to regularly rinse your mouth.

Returning to work is recommended after 8 days and sports after 2 months, the final result of a genioplasty is visible after 3 months.

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