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Keratopigmentation in Turkey : eye color change

Keratopigmentation performed changes the color of the eyes by injecting pigments into the iris.

These pigments are directly imported from a laboratory in France which is approved by the French drug safety agency.

This cornea tattoo was initially used for therapeutic virtues but gradually it was made for aesthetic purposes.

How much does Keratopigmentation in Turkey cost?

Many people choose to stay away from cosmetic surgery even when they need it because of the high prices, but Jouvence is here to get rid of that idea.

Our clinic in Turkey is known for having the best and most skilled doctors with the cheapest prices possible, we have made sure to offer all our clients the most relaxing experience with the most affordable prices.

This is done using our unique all-inclusive package that covers all the necessary costs such as:

  • The cost of the operation.
  • The cost of the medical tools that will be used during or after the operation.
  • The transportation.
  • The doctor’s payment.
  • The post-operative care and medication.

What is Keratopigmentation?

Keratopigmentation, a cosmetic surgery of the cornea or also called corneal tattooing, is a safe and effective solution in terms of aesthetic performance and psychological support for functionally and aesthetically compromised eyes following trauma or disease.

The production of these colored products began more than 20 years ago in reconstructive surgery of the skin and mucous membranes.

The pigments were used in the beginning for therapeutic purposes, in case of glaucoma, white eye or trauma.

What is the Objective and purpose of a keratopigmentation?

Changing the color of your eyes is no longer a fantasy and it has become accessible to a large number of people.

It is now possible to benefit from the keratopigmentation treatment which has proven itself by treating patients who have had lesions, if, for example, part of the iris is torn off during a trauma, it is possible to restore a satisfactory aesthetic appearance by creating a laser pocket to collect the injected pigments.

Thus, the patient finds a normal-looking eye and therefore a significant psychological improvement, but also an improved visual function since the injected pigments will prevent him from the glare linked to the loss of the iris.

What happens during the keratopigmentation procedure?

Keratopigmentation is a kind of tattooing of the cornea. It involves inserting pigments into the cornea with restorative and aesthetic properties.

The pigments used, manufactured in a laboratory in Marseille, are guaranteed by the French drug safety agency.

To change the color of your eyes in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact our teams to take advantage of a medical stay and benefit from the expertise of the best eye surgeons.

Keratopigmentation is performed by ophthalmologists who penetrate the pigments through a small incision in the cornea to cover the iris.

Applications of keratopigmentation.

There are three main applications of keratopigmentation on which the results will depend:

Therapeutic application (on opaque and aesthetically disfigured corneas of blind eyes),

Functional application (on the irises, anatomically, compromised following trauma or glaucoma),

Purely aesthetic application (in a small group of patients who requested to change the color of the iris for aesthetic reasons).

Long research has led to this type of biocompatible pigments that can change the color of the iris or cover it completely or partially.

What are the types of Keratopigmentation Performed in Turkey?

The technique is divided into three types depending on the needs of the patient and the condition of the eye; techniques that can sometimes be combined to ensure the best aesthetic result.

Automated superficial keratopigmentation applies pigment to the outer layers of the cornea using an instrument resembling a tattoo needle.

Manual intralamellar keratopigmentation, on the other hand, involves the application of pigments at the lamellar level.

Femtosecond Laser Assisted Keratopigmentation uses the latest laser technology to create access at different stromal levels to improve the yield and accuracy of the procedure.

All types of femtosecond laser used in the field of ophthalmology can be used, any good femtosecond laser can provide these results if programmed correctly, especially since this type of surgery requires a different energy setting than normal corneal surgery.

This type of surgery is entering the world of ophthalmology, giving hope to many patients whose eyes are disfigured or irreparably damaged.

What are the risks of Keratopigmentation?

The doctors at Jouvence will make sure that your procedure goes smoothly and without any complications, however there is always the chance of potential risks that you need to take into consideration.

Some of the risks of Keratopigmentation are:

• Dry eyes
• Sensitivity to light.
• Allergic reactions.
• Glaucoma.
• Infection.
• Uveitis.
• Loss of vision.
• Blindness.

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