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Vaginoplasty in Turkey: cheap price vaginal rejuvenation surgery

Age, pregnancy and childbirth can lead to loosening of the vaginal wall, which can make intimacy with your partner difficult.

Vaginal stretching can also lead to urinary incontinence, unpleasant noises during sex, or difficulty keeping tampons in place.

To remedy this, it is possible to resort to a vaginoplasty which will rejuvenate and tighten the vagina.

How much does vaginoplasty in Turkey cost?

As with any intimate surgery, the price of vaginoplasty in Turkey is very affordable.

The price of the all-inclusive vaginal lift includes the fees of the gynecologist and the anesthesiologist, hospitalization costs in a modern and fully equipped clinic, as well as postoperative care and convalescent accommodation in a hotel in Istanbul or Bursa .

Ask for a free and non-binding quote to know the price of your cheap vaginoplasty in Turkey.

What is vaginoplasty?

Vaginoplasty, also called vaginal rejuvenation surgery, is an intimate surgical procedure that involves tightening and rejuvenating the vagina.

This operation makes it possible to reduce the vaginal orifice by means of several internal incisions, possibly combined with laser treatment.

Similarly, the vagina lift reduces excess vaginal mucosa, and tones the muscles of the vagina as well as the surrounding soft tissues.

In which cases should I resort to vaginal rejuvenation surgery?

Vaginoplasty is often requested by women who have had several deliveries, and whose perineal muscles have become distended as a result.

Similarly, vaginal lifting may be recommended to treat a vaginal wall that has become loose due to aging or genetic predisposition, indeed, some women are more prone to prolapse and incontinence in case of significant vaginal laxity.

Also, vagina rejuvenation surgery is often considered as a way to improve the sexual pleasure of the patient and her partner.

This intervention helps to tone and strengthen the muscles of the vagina, which results in better sensations during sexual intercourse.

Although vaginoplasty alone cannot guarantee an improvement in your sex life, most patients consider this procedure to improve intimate relations with their spouse.

How to prepare for a vaginoplasty?

Prior to the surgery you will have to meet with your doctor, during which you will be able to ask them all the question that you need answers to and will also be able to share your goals and the results you want from the operation.

As it is the case with any medical or cosmetic surgery, the doctor will conduct some tests before the operation to make sure that you have no medical issues that can be problematic for you.

They will also check your medical records to see what medication are you taking and if any of them should be canceled before the operation.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin should be canceled for a period of time before the vaginoplasty operation.

Stop smoking before undergoing surgery to promote better healing, and make sure that you hydrate before and after surgery for safe recovery.

How is vaginoplasty performed?

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. It is performed on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia with sedation.

During vaginal rejuvenation surgery, the stretched muscle at the back of the vagina is shortened and stitched up using absorbable sutures.

Next, the surgeon removes excess vaginal mucosa and unwanted skin to reduce the diameter of the vagina. To reduce the openness of the vaginal orifice and restore the volume of the walls of the vagina, vaginal lipofilling can be performed.

What happens after the vaginal lift surgery?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but it takes at least a week before you can resume normal activity. Also, strenuous exercise and sexual intercourse should be avoided for 6-8 weeks after vagina lift.

The surgeon will give you several instructions to follow after the vaginoplasty, including intimate hygiene instructions to better avoid complications.

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