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Aesthetic procedures in Turkey

Aesthetic procedures in Turkey

It’s clear that we’re not all born with the face of an “Angel”, and that some of us unfortunately have to put up with the daily pain and frustration of others’ jokes, jibes and sometimes disparaging, inappropriate and unpleasant remarks about an aspect of our physical appearance that we haven’t chosen. A birthmark, a nose that’s too long, a harelip… The hardest thing is that young people think they can keep the “treasure” forever, and that they can make fun of the “old” with impunity.

What can we say about these women whose breasts signified nothing other than motherhood, “the milk factory” as the Italians say? At the same time, however, men have never ceased to feel attracted, charmed and sometimes obsessed by women’s breasts, so much so that before and after having nourished their children, these breasts have aroused passions and provoked jealousies… Fortunately, women today have the privilege of enhancing their bodies as well as their minds through plastic surgery. She has regained her right to enjoy her femininity as she sees fit. Breast surgery restores a woman’s sensuality. And for men, this surgery grants the fullness of their masculinity, by correcting the defect of gynecomastia …

And that pot belly, those flat buttocks… all those unsightly marks that make you an outcast, a pariah. It’s never easy to live with a physique that stands in stark contrast to the body everyone dreams of. Thank goodness! A physical defect is no longer inevitable. If it’s difficult to “correct” the unhealthy mind of some who think they’re clever, a physical defect, on the other hand, is easily tamed today.

At the Clinique, we work on all aspects of the body. Sculpting the silhouette, to give everyone the power their body gives them. Eliminate excess fat on the thighs, hips… Body contouring surgery gives you back a physique that suits you. Thanks to an aesthetic stay in Turkey, where we have become specialists, it has become easier and simpler to benefit from all these advantages: facelift, blepharoplasty, breast lift and augmentation, buttock augmentation or liposuction… At the Clinique, you’ll find the surgery that’s right for you.


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