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Cosmetic surgery Turkey

Medical stay prices in Turkey

Your cosmetic stay in Turkey: All-inclusive cosmetic surgery and medical stay price
Turkey has become a reliable global center of health tourism. Thousands of patients travel to Turkey every month for competent but inexpensive treatment.
Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and Izmir offer not only modern and sophisticated health institutes, but also many sights, a culture between West and East. During your treatment, you will not be at the clinic from morning to evening. That is why you will also have plenty of time to discover these vibrant world metropolises.

What are the advantages of cosmetic surgery in Turkey?

Turkey, a tourist country par excellence, is also today a major center of surgery and aesthetic medicine, a field which has improved significantly in recent years. Among the advantages that can encourage you to come to Turkey to perform your cosmetic surgery:
Cheaper prices: Throughout the last decade, the demand for cosmetic surgery in Turkey has seen a significant increase. Generally, the biggest problem that keeps many people from getting treatment is the cost of cosmetic surgeries. In Turkey, an all-inclusive beauty stay is much cheaper than other European countries, with obviously the same quality of service offered in these countries.
Experienced specialists: Practitioners in Turkey have all had training in the largest European or American medical universities. They enjoy an international reputation, and use the best technologies available.

Plastic surgery prices in Turkey

The price of cosmetic surgery Turkey is much cheaper than other countries. Compared to France, the costs are 70% cheaper. Compared to Spain, Hungary or other medical tourism destinations, Turkey is 30% and 50% more competitive, according to the latest statistics.
The price of the all-inclusive cosmetic stay in Turkey depends on the type of cosmetic surgery to be performed. The price includes consultations, accommodation in a luxury hotel, travel, support garments, post-operative care, etc.

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