Removing a fat ball

Removing a fat ball

Whether you are a woman or a man, having a harmonious and balanced figure is undoubtedly one of your most ardent desires, because feeling good about yourself avoids sartorial complexes, and thus boosts self-confidence.

However, we know that not everyone has a pretty body contour, due to a number of aesthetic problems, the formation of fat balls, also called lipomas, in certain areas of the body is a defect that many people face.

How to remove a fat ball?

Not only do fatty masses compromise body aesthetics, but they can also cause psycho-social discomfort.

This is why, depending on the importance of the lipomas, patients resort to natural, medical or surgical solutions to remove the fat ball.

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Do Lipomas Require Treatment?

In many cases, lipomas do not cause any symptoms. Often, patients opt for fat lump removal for cosmetic reasons, as these lesions can grow larger and become more and more visible.

With increased size, lipomas may become tender or painful when the overlying skin stretches or pressure is placed on a nearby nerve.

This is usually the case when a lipoma forms in an area such as the back where pressure can be applied externally, for example while lying down, and as we have already said, the method of treating a fat ball largely depends on its volume.

Fat ball treatment.

In general, treatment for lipomas is not mandatory, but if they grow and become painful, you can resort to the following solutions:

Turmeric: natural treatment fat ball.

Turmeric is a spice widely used in many households, it is an herbal remedy that is known to be used to treat lipomas naturally.

Curcumin is an active ingredient found in turmeric that promotes the shrinkage of fatty lumps formed on the skin.

Turmeric can be applied topically as a mask for which you will need to mix turmeric powder with olive oil to make the paste.

Make sure to cover the paste after applying it using a bandage or clean cloth as the yellow color of turmeric can cause it to dye clothing.

Thuya: lipoma homeopathic treatment.

Thuja, a member of the cedar family, is also considered an effective herbal remedy for fatty balls.

It is commonly used as part of homeopathic treatment to shrink lipomas, this plant extract is mixed with water and then applied to the affected area of the body, this solution should be done up to three times a day.


The sage plant is another natural remedy that has proven beneficial in reducing the size of lipoma.

Sage is known to have a natural affinity for fat cells and when applied to affected skin, it helps to naturally dissolve fatty tissues that tend to form lipomas.

Steroid injections.

Steroid injections may be recommended to reduce the size of the lipoma. But this treatment does not completely eliminate the lipoma.

Liposuction to remove a lump of fat

Liposuction or liposuction in Turkey is a surgical procedure that aims to remove stubborn body fat. In this type of treatment, a needle and syringe are used to remove the fatty mass.

For those who are looking for a lipoma cure without the risks of side effects that are mostly associated with synthetic medications or invasive techniques, they can opt for natural remedies.

However, for patients struggling with a significant amount of fat deposits, surgery is the best solution to help them achieve a slimming figure.

Surgical excision.

The practitioner, in certain cases, may suggest that the patient undergo surgical excision to remove the lipomas.

Direct surgical excision involves making an incision over the lipoma, surgically extracting the lipoma, and then suturing the skin, the incision is usually about 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the lipoma itself.

Lipomas that are firmly stuck to surrounding tissue are more difficult to remove and may require a larger incision. Although incisions always leave a scar, surgeons try to keep the size of the incision as small as possible so that the scar is less noticeable.

Sometimes, the practitioner may recommend performing surgical excision combined with liposuction to achieve the best results.

Remove fat ball yourself.

To remove fat ball yourself, you must ask our surgeon for more information on how to remove a lipoma without hurting your body.

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