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Breast implants in Turkey

The replacement of breast prostheses in Turkey or simply breast implants is an aesthetic procedure of the breasts, necessary after wear of implants, after rupture of implants, in the event of leakage, or when the patient wishes to proceed with a volume augmentation of the breast prosthesis.

Aside from the complications that may lead to a change of implants, this replacement of the prostheses can also be decided for other reasons.

How much does breast implants in Turkey cost?

Breast surgeries and especially breast implants can be very expensive to many people and they are not covered by medical insurance because they are an aesthetic procedure.

So now you may wounder how could you have the operation while also save money? Well? Jouvence is here to give the perfect answer for that.

We offer you the chance to have the breast implants surgery in Turkey and save so much money so you can enjoy the country during your stay.

We offer a unique all-inclusive package that covers all necessary costs such as:

  • The costs of the operation and medical tools that will be used during it.
  • The hotel room at a very luxurious establishment.
  • The doctor’s payment.
  • The transportation.
  • The post-operative medication.

How to prepare for breast implants?

Before the operation a meeting with your doctor is very important, during this visit you will discuss the operation with your doctor and explain your goals and what you want the results to be like.

The doctor will do some tests and take the necessary measurements so that implants can suit you perfectly and to make sure that no discomfort ever happens after the operation.

The surgeon will also check your medical history to see if you have any medical issues such as a history of sign breast cancer in your family, you will have to tell your doctor about all medication that you are taking.

Make sure that yous top taking medication like Aspirin because they can lead to a lot of bleeding during the operation.

You should stop drinking and smoking prior to the operation as they can negatively affect the outcomes of the operation.

What is the process of breast implants?

A breast prosthesis replacement operation follows the same principles and surgical techniques as a breast augmentation operation by inserting prostheses.

The same approach is used first. If the initial implant had been introduced via the axillary route, the submammary route or the periareolar route, the change of the implant will be done in the same way, and the prosthesis will be placed at the back or in front of the pectoral muscle or in dual-plane.

In case of sagging breasts, the change of the breast prosthesis in Turkey will be done after the correction of the ptosis.

The operation takes place under general anesthesia, the renewal of the implant can last 1 hour, the patient can choose during this intervention, a size of prosthesis which suits him best. The removal of the implant is not painful. Breast lipofilling can be combined with breast prosthesis replacement surgery.

What happens after the breast prosthesis surgery?

Apart from the cases of appearance of bruises, one can report after a change of breast prostheses, edema or postoperative pain that analgesics can relieve.

The doctor will give you the necessary medication and painkillers to manage any discomfort.

You will need to stay away from any sports or physically demanding activity such as lifting heavy objects.

The post-operative appointments with your doctor are very important, make sure not to miss any of them.

What are the results of a breast implants procedure?

The final result of breast prosthesis replacement surgery in several cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, … comes after 3 months. This is the time required for the implant to regain its stability.

The possible risks of replacing breast prostheses can be, among others, cases of infection, cases of bleeding, temporary loss of breast sensitivity, healing difficulties, formation of a peri-prosthetic shell, etc.

What are the risks of a breast implant operation?

If you want to have perfectly shaped breasts with the size and volume that you want then breast implants in Turkey at Jouvence is your best and safest option.

However, you should always remember that all cosmetic or medical procedures carry some potential risks to them.

Some of the risks of a breast implant are:

• Pain.
• Bruising.
• Infection.
• Changes in the nipple and breast sensation.
• Implant position changes.
• Nerve damage.
• Implant leakage or rupture.

The doctor will instruct you on how to stay safe and how to best manage these risks.

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